Natural Menstruation Sponge - Set of 3 in fabric bag

Marie Natur

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Menstruation Sponge Natural Sponge - Set of 3 in fabric bag made of organic cotton - without plastic


  • COMPLETELY PLASTIC FREE! - Our environment is important to us. Therefore, the menstrual sponges are supplied in an eco-friendly fabric bag made of 100% organic cotton.

  • NATURALLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - The menstrual sponges are a natural product without chemistry and without plastic. Absolutely free of pollutants and 100% biodegradable. There is no waste left here.

  • NATURALLY SUSTAINABLE - We work with a traditional fishery from Greece. Guaranteed without overexploitation and with regard to the sustainable use of nature - for a clear conscience

  • Less waste and you even save money! A menstrual sponge can be used for up to 6 months. A great and sustainable alternative to your tampon or tie period.

  • The absorbency is comparable to a normal OB tampon. The natural sponge adapts to the individual anatomy and provides a pleasant protection without drying out. Details: Because it is a natural product that is not sterile, the Levantiner sponge should be placed in a 1: 2 ratio vinegar / water mixture (overnight) before first use ).

    Application: Moisten the menstrual sponge under running water before inserting it. Then insert the sponge into the vagina similar to a tampon. If the sponge is properly seated, it takes on the shape of the scabbard. If you feel that the sponge is too big, you can also tailor the natural sponge individually. However, it is recommended to do so only after the first test, so you do not cut the sea sponge too small. In case of a very heavy bleeding you can also introduce two menstrual sponges. The sponge should be cleaned every 8 hours at the latest.

  • Cleaning: After each removal, the sponge should be cleaned under running cold (!) water. Depending on the degree of bleeding, the sponge must be cleaned every 2-4 hours. With decreasing bleeding, cleaning is sufficient every 4-6 hours. Moisten the natural sponge again under running water before reinserting and express well. At the end of the menstruation wash out the sponge carefully as described above. Then you can put the sponge back into a vinegar-water mixture overnight to kill any germs. Then let the sponge dry completely in a clean place before you stow it in the storage bag again. 

  • Attention: Do not use the sponge in a vaginal infection and dispose of the sponge after removal if you have used it during a vaginal infection. The sponges are also suitable for use in combination with a menstrual cup for very heavy bleeding.

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