Cork Non Slip Yoga Mat


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This new Cork Non-Slip Yoga Mat is 6mm thick and it's waterproof and it does not slip. It’s made of a rubber material which not only offers great impact absorption but also protecting your arms, back, knees and joints while helping you to maintain balance and grip to the floor. Soft, excellent flexibility can reduce the pain in the body in contact with the ground. This mat provides comfort for people of all shapes and sizes and is perfect for use as an exercise mat, a yoga mat, or for Pilates. The finest cuts made around the yoga mat to prevent friction that can lead to injuries in handling the product. It's ideal for all ages, for men and women, beginners and more advanced. Get yours today while stocks last.

 Waterproof and dust-proof, clean up is simple and convenient. 

➤ These natural materials create a comfortable texture and resistance.

The mat is therefore resistant to moisture and can easily be washed with soap and water. 



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