We are Wayne & Whale Carpenwhale.

Actually, we are two beautiful Whales, living on the beautiful Oregon coast. We were named by Jess and her buddy from Berlin, Germany - very far away from where we live. We are the inspiration for this little Zero Waste shopping destination and the daily reminder that our oceans, air and nature need to be saved from plastic waste, exploitation and pollution.

Jess does indeed care a lot about the environment, as she saw beautiful abundant nature and impressively giant wild animals on her many trips to America and Canada. But Jessy was always thinking how great it would also be to actually spot and watch whales out out in the wild.

So, one day, the idea was born to use the German annual leave days to discover the beautiful Oregon coast and try to spot whales. As this was one of the many North America trips Jessyka and her buddy did, they did a lot of research and decided to stop in the cozy town Depoe Bay, where resident gray whales can be spottet from the board walk in certain months. And there they saw us, the gray giants Wayne and Whale, two of the many fascinating sea creatures you can watch along the Oregon coast, feeding in the shallow waters close to the beaches.

From that day on, Jess and her buddy where always narrating themselves little stories about Wayne & Whales live, how they live, how they are happily swimming in the big wide ocean, but also if and how they can survive, how humans impact their life, pollute their waters with plastics and make it hard for them to find food and get used to the sudden temperature changes from year to year.

So, what better name should there be for this little online shopping destination, than Wayne & Whale Carpenwhale?

As we love wildlife, love the raw nature they are living in, which we've seen in the US, in Canada, but also in the Alps in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, it became our passion to offer sustainable, eco friendly produced fashion and accessories, preferably coming from fair trade sources, to the wide public. To make them accessible to everyone. With the aim to help preserve the environment, sell products that help you to minimize your impact on climate change in day-to-day life and enable you to take products with you on your outdoor trips, that are less harmful for wildlife, like our two friends the Depoe Bay whales named by us: Wayne and Whale Carpenwhale. Please be ware though, that our packaging for shipping is not Zero Waste, as we are still very small and did not find shipment partners yet, who offer a eco friendly, scalable and economic alternative for plastic packaging for most of our products. Where possible, we try to replace plastic by natural packaging materials, if prices stay competitive and packaging logistics near our shipment locations allow for it. 

Love, Wayne & Whale + Jess